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* ERI Layer-5: ERISA (general)
* ERI Layer-5: ERISA (general)
=== Extensions ===
=== Extensions ===
* eri: imagefile
* eri: image
* mio: audio
* mio: audio
* mei: movie
* mei: movie

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ERI (Editing Entis Rasterized Image format) is a format developed by Entis-soft and Leshade Entis (handle or group?). This format can use for image, audio and video. This format is used by some PC games and game engines in Japan.

  • The basic image format was named ERI (Entis Rasterized Image format).
  • The extra image format was named ERINA (Entis Rasterized Image Native Algorithm format).
  • The audio format was named MIO (Music Interleaved and Orthogonal transformed format).
  • The movie format was named MEI (Moving Entis Image format).
  • The general compression format was named ERISA (Entis Rasterized Image Superior Architecture).

Those are format name, not codec name but those format is based on one spec.

  • ERI Layer-1: ERI (image lossless)
  • ERI Layer-2: ERINA (image lossless)
  • ERI Layer-3: ERINA (image lossy)
  • ERI Layer-4: MIO (audio lossless/lossy)
  • ERI Layer-5: ERISA (general)


  • eri: image
  • mio: audio
  • mei: movie
  • noa: NOA archive file (ERISA format)
  • nal: NOA list file (???)