Bluetooth SBC

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The Bluetooth low-complexity, subband codec (SBC) is described in the specification of the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) in appendix B (page 50). SBC is an audio coding system specially designed for Bluetooth audio and video applications to obtain high quality audio at medium bitrates, and having a low computational complexity. It uses 4 or 8 subbands, an adaptive bit allocation algorithm and simple adaptive block PCM quantizers. The SBC audio coding system is based on an earlier system: F. de Bont, M. Groenewegen and W. Oomen, "A High Quality Audio-Coding System at 128 kb/s", 98th AES Convention, Febr. 25-28, 1995.

The A2DP test specification contains a reference encoder and decoder for the SBC codec. These programs are only available for Windows and only in binary form.