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The CMV file format is used by the game Dwarf Fortress to store intro movies and player recordings.

File structure


Type Name Description
uint32 Version The format version used; should be >= 10000
uint32 Width Width (in characters) of each frame
uint32 Height Height (in characters) of each frame
uint32 DelayRate How long each frame is displayed; seems to be in hundredths of a second.


Sound data is present in version 10001 files, but not in 10000 or 10005.

Type Name Description
uint32 SoundCount Number of sound references defined.
char[50]*SoundCount SoundName Filename (no dir or ext) of an external file which contains the sound data.

Sound timing data

An array of 3200 (16 channels x 200 frames?) 32-bit signed integers, each specifying an index into the array of sound refs defined above. An index of -1 indicates that no new sound is played at that point.

Frame data

Frame data is stored in zlib-compressed chunks containing a maximum of 200 frames:

Type Name Description
uint32 z_size Size of compressed data.
bytes z_data z_size bytes of compressed data.

The uncompressed structure of each frame roughly corresponds to a text-mode screen buffer:

Type Name Description
char[Width*Height] Characters An array of characters, encoded in the CP437 character set.
char[Width*Height] Attributes Encodes the ANSI color codes for each character.

Note that the encoding of color attributes is nonstandard:

i   - Foreground Intensity Bit
bbb - Background Color Bits
fff - Foreground Color Bits

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