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According to various codec lists, AURA is a YUV 4:1:1 codec while AUR2 is YUV 4:2:2. The payload of an AURA frame begins with the 6 ASCII bytes 'YUV411'.

Auravision employs the same packing scheme as Creative YUV with the only difference: bytes 16-31 are Y predictor values and bytes 32-47 are predictor values for both U and V. Actual data is packed identically.

Auravision2 uses the same predictor value table at bytes 16-31 for all planes but packed pixel data still starts at byte 48. It's packed in the following order:

 high nibble of byte 0 - Cr value
 low  nibble of byte 0 - Y0 value
 high nibble of byte 1 - Cb value
 low  nibble of byte 1 - Y1 value
 high nibble of byte 2 - Cr value
 low  nibble of byte 2 - Y2 value