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AMV video origin and history

AMV is a video file format, used by Chinese-made portable MP3 players and created to allow video playback capabilities on inexpensive equipment without increasing the cost of those players with the license royalties and more processor power needed for other more complex format/codec pairs. AMV files contain a RIFF packed stream of video (video codec?) and MP3 encoded audio.

AMV Video File Format

When playing AMV formats, there is clearly some image de/compression taking place, as can be demonstrated by a simple calculation (see the MTV Video Format article). The image compression is, however, low by modern standards (around 4 pixels/byte, compared with over 10 pixels/byte in the MPEG-2 DVD-Video standard). With a resolution of 128 x 96, and a frame rate of 12 fps, a 30 minute file will be around 80 MegaByte in size.

AMV and MTV encoding/transcoding information and utilities

Software players that support AMV and MTV playback

  • Unknown

Hardware players that support AMV and MTV playback

Chinese-made portable MP3 players, also known as S1 MP3 Players.

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